Dear Appliance Genie

It’s really been awhile since I’ve asked for anything, now hasn’t it? I’m thinking, and I believe it was the time that the vacuum cleaner stopped working. Yes, eureka, that’s it!

As I recall, you did a great job of fixing the problem, by sucking the old one into some place which I know nothing about, and POOF making a new one appear. If I forgot to say thank you, I’m sorry. I am enjoying it.

I’ve two more favors to ask, if that’s okay. Could you please make the dryer stop smoking? It’s working a little too well.

Also, could you please do something about the microwave? It’s so embarrassing when people come to visit. Try heating up snacks and having to explain “that sound” which folks describe as mating whales.

I know, I’m supposed to get three wishes, but I’ll save one, just in case something else breaks.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation!


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