Stuck in a Lizard Fantasy

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I am stuck in a lizard fantasy,

yes, a lizard fantasy –

scampering with lizards, I am

free –

free to dart and dash.

Having no direction –

my true persona is


Ahhh –

Rushing under bushes, I am

protected –

from day vulchers

and dream suckers.

I’ve elegant toes,

a lovely, swishing tail


intricately woven spots.

Dare to look and you will


I dazzle my observers,

but I don’t need


interact with them.

They can’t catch me –

examine my skin, judge my exterior,

look for flaws –

and wonder what’s wrong with my insides.

In my reptile skin,

reptilian brain

is acceptable matter –

scurry away, I may,

from scrutinizing eyes,

dream suckers,

day vulchers,

disorders of any kind –

my chameleon interior

vouched for, loved and respected.

I’m stuck in a lizard fantasy,

it seems –

for awhile crocodile.


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