The Earth Team

I just came,


to believe.


I do believe in God,

but I don’t, can’t and won’t believe –

in a God that divides.

I believe in a God who,


A God who UNITES.

Like my clever anagram?

Yep, you know you do.

Well, WHY would God want us to be divided?

How can we work together that way?

If we are all one,

and I believe that we are,

how can we POSSIBLY fix our problems,

be there for each other,

if we are DIVIDED?

We can’t.

If it’s true,

that God divides into piles,

she is “good” but he is “bad”

then we aren’t united.

We are TIED –




with no way to move forward.

A loving God does not want us

to work AGAINST each other –

I believe.

I believe in a God

that UNITES.

Because we are

we ARE –

Team Earth.

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9 responses

      • They are the few who have arranged it so they have all the means and the power. They are the few who will leave children to starve provided they are comfortable and their egos satisfied. They are the worst the human race has to show and truly I see them every day flashing their big egos along side their fake values. Don’t shut up, that’s what they want. They want everyone quiet. I am turning my life upside down and I swore to myself, I’ll never turn my eyes away again. Some lessons take time to learn and it took me decades of emptiness to understand what it means to live an empty meaningless life. Never again. :-)

      • Funny, my therapist does encourage me to challenge people. She says it’s good as long as you do it nicely, which of course, I am determined to do. So I don’t know if I should call it challenge. Maybe inspire? :-)

        Well I live with this everyday: I can’t walk. I can’t get healthcare. I can’t walk. I can’t get healthcare. I can’t work. Don’t know if I can finish school. I can’t get healthcare. I am STILL on the waiting list.

        It does show you that working together as a team, is not a very big priority for some. :-(

      • Sending you big hugs and lots of positive thoughts. The sun shines even through the thickest of clouds. All we need is to believe it’s going to get better and it will.

  1. My God is bigger than your God!


    I think us Humans are beginning to look out side of our planet to the stars, the universe, the creator if you will.

    I do not think that God is any of these things but is the love that resides in each and every being.

    And not as you say, a force that divides us into packages as most of todays belief systems install today.



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