Attitude of Gratitude No. 1

I am grateful this minute for a cool evening breeze. It’s been on the warm side today and as it takes me awhile to get used to the spring temperatures, which soar so quickly in the desert, I am in much appreciation of the wind.

Love to all on this fine Friday night. 

Things I Learned From Living in a Homeless Shelter. No. 3

Shrunken Donuts

In 2007, I spent several months living in a homeless shelter. It was one of my greatest experiences. One that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It was a gift actually. I had so much to learn and the universe didn’t let me down. It gave me the gift of “rock bottom.” Some of the knowledge I now possess, could not have been learned in any other way. I wasn’t unhappy in the shelter, I turned it into an adventure, and kept a great sense of humor. That is why you’ll find that some of my examples are rather humorous. Others though, are very serious.

Homeless Shelter Learns, No. 3:

I learned to have a better sense of humor – A person can, in fact, eat donuts that have shrunken to hockey pocks and survive. Not only that, a person can learn to like them because you don’t get them very often. I suppose I missed having some coffee to go with them, or at least soften them up a bit, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. It can be quite fun, also, to take part in an impromptu contest: who has the most brick-like donut?



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