Attitude of Gratitude No. 3

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I am grateful this minute for getting my student ID. Yay, I am an official student! I took care of some other things at school that needed to be done, too.

I am grateful that these things are off of my T0-Do list and I was so happy and proud to get my ID. I was giggling when it was handed to me, all pretty, shiny and new.

I must admit, I was flabbergasted at technology, too. In 45 seconds we can PRINT plastic ID cards!

Love to all on this bountiful Tuesday evening. 

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16 responses

  1. (((hugs))) me thinks… you should get a copy of it… frame it up… and write a paragraph on how you felt ;) and keep it in a place where you can see it! There will be other challenges… yet the feeling of this victory can be the silver lining that will draw you straight back to victory!! I really do wish, someone clicked a picture of you when you looked at your id for the first time… For me, well I can feel it through your post!! :)

  2. Catching up with my blog reading list, which at the moment is humongous, hence all the comments I leave on older posts. Congratulations however, I hope you know you are brilliant. Never let anyone persuade you of the opposite. :-)

    • Laughing, don’t worry. I have 91 in my queue. :-) Aw, Natalie, thanks. I am so excited. And, wow! I am honored you would say this. ♥ I can’t say thank you enough. XO XO
      Well, c’mon, you are EXTREMELY intelligent, my dear, also. Anybody who can write the Dryad and the Thief. Ack. I still have THAT post to catch up to. Not to mention your incredible insight into VERY important issues. Love to you. Creativity, mindfulness and intelligence. WINNING combo! :-)

      • Thank you. Yes I recently realised how impossible it was to accept any compliment. Then a couple of days ago I realised why. I can’t accept a compliment when at the same time I hate and berate myself. I think the moment of truth for me was when I connected my behaviour with my mother’s patterns and realised I was doing the same thing she had been doing for decades (and continues doing even today). Never again. Yes it’s being vigilant and mindful constantly because there is always a fine line between a blown ego and humility but I can live with constant vigilance. If that’s the price to pay then so be it. :-)

      • Yes, I have discovered it takes CONSTANT self-monitoring to deal with mental illness, I don’t care which one it is.

        I have terrible trouble with compliments. It is so hard for me. It’s not that I don’t think they are warranted or because I self-loathe, it’s that I fear I won’t say the right thing in response! But I understand your reasoning. Good realization. It takes a lot of mindfulness to get to where you are, I am sure you see this.

        Yes, please don’t repeat your mother’s habits/patterns. Not good. I have just very recently (last 6 months) realized how much my mother’s bad habits influenced mine. NO WAY. Moving away from her was probably the first smart move I made that led me to where I am now. I don’t think if I’d moved away I would be as healed as I am, though I know I have still more work to do. There is tons more to get through.



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