Attitude of Gratitude No. 6

I am grateful for the decision I made last night. I sat for an hour, almost in tears, thinking about what to do and finally I decided: NO MORE PHARMACEUTICALS and synthetic “vitamins.” This is the end of the road for me!

So, this morning, I took all of my prescription medications out of my “pill tackle box” and put them back in their original containers. That left me with another decision to make. What the heck do I do with all these pills?

There is no responsible way to get rid of them. I was sick to my stomach about it. If I flush them down the toilet, I am poisoning the water supply. Meh, filters, they can only get rid of so much, we all know that. I can’t throw them out, they will sit in a landfill somewhere and poison our precious earth. I can’t give them away, what, and know I am poisoning someone else!? Besides, there are legal implications there.

I finally had an idea though, and that is to use them for art! I am going to make an art project out of these pills and when I’m done I will post a picture. I will frame the result and then they will hang harmlessly on my wall. :-)

Wishing all a pharmaceutical-free day filled with abundant love. 


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