Attitude of Gratitude No. 6

I am grateful for the decision I made last night. I sat for an hour, almost in tears, thinking about what to do and finally I decided: NO MORE PHARMACEUTICALS and synthetic “vitamins.” This is the end of the road for me!

So, this morning, I took all of my prescription medications out of my “pill tackle box” and put them back in their original containers. That left me with another decision to make. What the heck do I do with all these pills?

There is no responsible way to get rid of them. I was sick to my stomach about it. If I flush them down the toilet, I am poisoning the water supply. Meh, filters, they can only get rid of so much, we all know that. I can’t throw them out, they will sit in a landfill somewhere and poison our precious earth. I can’t give them away, what, and know I am poisoning someone else!? Besides, there are legal implications there.

I finally had an idea though, and that is to use them for art! I am going to make an art project out of these pills and when I’m done I will post a picture. I will frame the result and then they will hang harmlessly on my wall. :-)

Wishing all a pharmaceutical-free day filled with abundant love. 

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  1. What a creative idea to support your strength– You are never alone in this world, so many struggle with these temptations, quick fixes, and temporary reliefs. It is people like YOU that make a difference in changing the behaviors and habits of others. On behalf of the world- Thank you. You are very much appreciated and loved. I wish you an abundant day filled with light and blessings :)

    • I thought of that but figured they would just throw them out, too. But I called anyway. They can’t take them back. There is only one company here in town who will dispose of meds (not sure how) so I called to ask. The number is disconnected! Can you believe that?

      I am sitting here thinking, meds are mostly a poison, so, really, there is no way to get rid of them ever in an ethical manner. In our bodies they are poison, and we excrete them and they end up in the water supply. I can’t figure out any way to get rid of them in a manner that won’t harm a living thing. Perhaps I could send them into orbit? ;-) Joking, of course.

  2. I say the following out of concern. I applaude your efforts and wish you the best.

    My mother had various issues that she needed medication for and while the side effects were bad at times going off was worse. Everytime he went off her meds she ended up in the hospital. One time I woke up with a rifle against the temple of my head. I brushed it aside as it went off. I grabbed the rifle only to see that it was my mother who pulled the trigger. She was standing there with her own blood dripping from her wrists. She said that she was only trying to save me from the horrors of this world.

    I do not presume to know what meds you are on or why. I am sharing my story in case it may be revelant to you or any of your readers.

    • Thank you, I appreciate it very much. It is right and good of you to share this. I don’t take any psychiatric medications. Of course, I know that there are certain conditions that require meds and it could be very dangerous to go off of them.

      I take medicine for pain, muscle spasms, high blood pressure and a skin condition. I was also taking various supplements that aren’t helping.

      Though I had a lot of pain last night and this morning, I took nothing. I can’t, not knowing about all these horrid side-effects.

      I only took the organic vitamin this morning. I actually feel better and calmer, which is sort of blowing my mind.

      I think there could be a lot of truth to many of us being over-medicated.

      I am so sorry that happened to you and your Mom. That must have been horrifying, for both of you.

      Love to you.

  3. Brilliant!!! I am proud of you :) The inner knowing is guiding you to take the risk of allowing it the pleasure of making you whole again… with the ALL KNOWING power of PERFECTION with which you were created!!
    May your angels guide you to PERFECT health!!
    So so proud of your first step… let the art work say it all!! (((hugs)))

    • Thank you very much. Yes, it is an inner knowing, you are right about that. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Thanks for pointing it out.

      I can tell you one thing, I do feel somewhat better already. My heart normally pounds/races when I’m nearing a dose of HBP medicine and guess what, that has not happened today and I haven’t taken a pill yet. I think all the other meds were raising my blood pressure, as the acupuncturist said they would. Plus the organic vitamins I think are helping, too.

      But the thing that really stands out: I am not noticing any difference in pain – pills vs. no pills. In other words, the pain still goes away in the same amount of time. I think the pills were just making me worse and not doing a thing for the pain! THANK YOU. I am certain my angels will guide me. ♥

  4. I would have never thought of that lol. How long did it take you to come up with the idea? I am just curious.

    • I am taking organic vitamins to start. I can’t tell you how calm/different I feel. It’s amazing. I don’t know if it’s the vitamins or not taking the other meds.

      She will transition me to an organic pain-reliever in a few weeks. Made from herbs.

      I didn’t even take my blood pressure meds today and I can tell my heart is fine, because I can feel when my blood pressure goes up. She was right, it was the other meds MAKING my blood pressure go up.

  5. Some time ago I read a Readers Digest summary of research on vitamin supplement, which basically said that the pills don’t work. Once the vitamins are extracted from their natural context, your body can’t use then. So the best thing we can do is get vitamins from food. Even frozen and canned veges are a better source of vitamins than pills!
    So like you, I stopped taking them and saved my money and spent on buying more fruit and veges.
    The ‘organic’ mix you have been given if probably fine if it still has all the other plant matter in it.
    But I have really come to see the “alternative remedies” industry as worse than the mainstream pharmaceutical industry. Not only do they sell things that generally don’t work but it down right harmful and has little to no quality or safety control.
    So good on you and look forward to the art work!

    • Yes, exactly! I didn’t know this until my visit with the acupuncturist. I was so surprised. We are being fed vitamins in an unusable format!?

      I agree, food is the absolute best source.

      Yes, the organic vitamins are made from whole foods with ingredients you can pronounce: mushrooms, carrots, etc.

      That’s the sad thing, there is no regulation. I am just hoping supplements help.

      I did use something called Curamin for awhile that really helped tremendously for pain. It was like a magic pill. The only problem: they made me bleed – orally and elsewhere (!) so no thank you.

      Thank you. As soon as I’m done will post. I still have to get to the store to get supplies for my project.

    • It’s interesting, you’re the second person to suggest giving them back to the pharmacy. They won’t take them. She said no pharmacy will here. She directed me to one company that will take them, but guess what, their number was disconnected! Ugh. So I guess I’m doing the artwork. :-)

      Yes, I am with you. I figure, the pain won’t kill me but the medicines ARE, very slowly and silently. I will read your articles. THANK YOU for taking the time to put up the links for me. XO

      I am glad you are pharmaceutical-free, too! :-)


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