Feeling Nuts?

Feeling nuts, crazy, bonkers – um, a little touched – mad as a hatter?

No, no, no, no!

Tell yourself:

  • I am an ART PROJECT, not quite completed. Glitter, where’s the glitter!?
  • I’m an entertainment center that hasn’t been properly dusted in a while, well, hell yeah, it’s hard to see the TOP!
  • Alright, I need a little primer and a fresh coat of paint and some clear coat!
  • I’m a solid porch, I just need to do a little sweeping. Yes!
  • I’m a good-looking bathtub, yeah, but I need to do a little scrubbing.
  • Nuts, NAW, I just need to have a mental garage sale! 50 cents for negative thoughts! :-)
  • I’m a cool cat car, with too many McDonald’s wrappers tossed on the back floor, let me just clean them up.
  • I’m a three inch binder, with WAY TOO MANY sheets of paper. I’m just overstuffed. Time to shred some things!
  • Oh, oh, I am a BED, that has not been made up nice in quite some time. I need some new bedding and brand new fluffy pillows.
  • Dear me, I’m fine, I’m only a couch that’s not been moved in a bit. I shall pull me out from the wall and clean up that mess. Oh, QUARTERS, cool! :-)

Believe you are OKAY and you will be. Work hard. Be good to yourself. ♥


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