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Everything Happens for a Reason – I really can’t recommend this book enough. I can’t do it justice, there is no way. It is on my Reading Suggestions page, but I want to emphasize it in a separate post!

Everything really does happen for a reason. I absolutely believe it. I have survived so much. But not just survived, learned. And not just learned, embraced – all of my traumatic experiences.

While many will say (as I used to) that they can’t get past abuse, rape, losing a loved one (insert your specific trauma here) it just isn’t true. Not only can you get past it, you can actually learn to be GRATEFUL. Yes, grateful for what you’ve been through.

I would not change a single thing that’s happened to me. Not being abused, molested, raped, attacked, living in a homeless shelter, my illnesses (and much, much more), no, I would not change any of it. I learned from all of these hardships. I am actually glad all of these things happened to me because they made me stronger, they got me to where I am now. They have made me appreciate life. Life is too precious to waste your time being angry and depressed. Don’t waste time being bitter, it’s not worth it.

Yes, healing is a process. You will go through what you will go through. But I want to encourage everyone to re-evaluate their tragedies and see them as opportunities for growth.

I am saying this to empower. It isn’t true that you can’t heal. You can. Learn. Learn to see tragedy as a gift. It is a gift. From the universe which means to teach you.

Please buy yourself this book and see for yourself that I am not the only one who has benefited from tragedy. In other words, if you don’t believe me, READ and come to understand, others have been through horrible things and gone on to see the gifts in them.

I know there is nothing I can’t get through. Will things sometimes be hard? Yes. Will some things feel, for a time, as if you can’t make it through? Yes. But you can, in time.

I wish for everyone to believe in themselves in this way. Be empowered!

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  1. Wonderful post! Yes, there are those who merely skate through life, virtually untouched by tragedy or hardships. However, their lives certainly do not reflect my path – not at all. I have also learned to embrace the challenges and learn from the tragedies. I have often said that I must be cleaning up an awful lot of Karma in this lifetime. I am certain that I “pooped in someone’s cornflakes” in a past life – LOTS of bowls of cornflakes! So, now I’ve become the maid of my own past lives – tired of cleaning, but certain that I’m nearly done. Whew! I shall add this book to my list of “must read”!

    • Thank you for the compliment, Jane. Funny that you say that about pooping in someone’s corn flakes. I’ve spent countless hours wondering what the heck I did in past lives. I’m definitely a beginner at Buddhism, but the way I understand enlightenment is that basically you will go through as many lifetimes as necessary to become enlightened so you don’t have to be born again and suffer again. It’s kind of like what you’re saying, I think. I agree, after everything I’ve gone through, I’ve reached a place of peace, at least in the sense that I don’t dwell on what I’ve been through/time travel and feel a calmness, a belief that I am “almost done” as you say. But I really like to write about it, as I feel my job is to share now and help others. GOOD. I do hope you read it. It really helped me understand, that I am not the only one who can come out grateful. The examples are marvelous. Definitely worth the time to read.

      I am glad that you are also finding the “silver lining” of hard times. Once we can see them, we are really healing!

  2. So you found strenght in that certain way of viewing tough things you’ve had to go through. Wow, I don’t believe I could see it the same way, not even sure I’d actually want to. If it works for you I am glad for you. =)


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