Blueberry Pie

Free flow –


never subsiding,

never dividing.

Free flow is pie,

cherry, apple or blueberry,

(go on, take your pick)

that has an infinite number of pieces.

Free flow is cake,

perfectly moist,

with never-ending icing, in just the right


Free flow is a pan of brownies, mmm,

disguising itself as one thing,

fresh from the oven,

but really

it’s an endless rive of chocolate.

Free flow is

the All-You-Can-Eat salad bar,

nourishing, helping, teaching, guiding,

every one of us.

Free flow is form,

free flow is formless.

Free flow tricks us, if we’re not careful,

we may believe that everything is

separate –

when in fact, it’s not.

Free flow forms the formless into form –

trick, trick.

Making us want to believe that

the blueberry pie

is quite different from the apple or the cherry.

But that’s not the case.

They’re all the same.

Pie, cake, brownies, salad –

all are ONE –

living forever –

free flow.

Free flow.

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26 responses

  1. I love blueberry pie . . . but recently discovered huckleberry. Wow – love them and only seem to get in Idaho/Washington and that general area.

  2. Love it! Your one talented lady! Also, I saw you mentioned me in response to the award nomination you got. Thank you so much for thinking of me, and mentioning ITYE! I appreciate your thought, kindness and grace, you inspire me.

  3. At Christmas at my in laws in Alabama the ideal ratio is one desert for every two people. Cherry and pecan pies the favorites there. But your post still reminds me of it. Free flow is a bowl with ten deserts!

  4. Love this one. So well written and so full of messages. Uniformity and oneness. Everything is connected even though it seems it’s not.

    PS. Apple pie. My EDs are now in war with the yumminess. *sigh*

    PPS. You are going to see many “out of time order” comments as I go back to the older posts. Bear with me. A week’s worth of messages in my inbox.

  5. Your making me hungry lol. I also couldn’t help but read some of the previous comments and i live in Alabama. Blueberry is one of my favorites. But i have yet to taste all the types of berries out there as of yet. Blackberry isn’t to bad either. But all berries are natural and taste so good whats not to love about all of them :)

    Just to be clear what is free flow? Endless pleasure or something? I can’t remember hearing the phrase besides writing wise. I know its probably a dumb question to ask but i am not always the quickest mind.

    • Oh, I love blackberries. Yummy. I agree, though for some reason, raspberries I don’t like, not natural or even the flavoring. Not a dumb question. The way I understand free flow, it is just the natural energy of things. Nothing ever dies, nothing is ever born, everything has an eternal existence, a free flow of energy that only turns into something once Intention comes into play. If you read “Intention” well, they work together. Nature is all about energy and it flows endlessly, without form, until something intends for it to take a form…so two people come together and make a child, well that child was always there, there is the free flow or natural energy, that is formless, until the Intention of sex makes a child. That’s just the way I understand it. Someone else here may have something to add.


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