Haiku for Ewe

Gentle, big-hearted lamb

Listened to but never herd

I give you a voice.

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    • Thank you. ♥ No, the lamb isn’t Jesus, but that is a beautiful interpretation. Actually I wrote this about five years ago, while I was still very much hurting, but wanting so badly to find my voice so that I could help others who hurt by encouraging them to speak. At the time, honestly, I was thinking of any and every abused person (the lambs) and that often they are isolated (not part of a herd) and often not listened to (heard).

      • wow – that’s interesting – I can start getting quite mystical about things like this
        In a sense, Jesus as the lamb takes/took upon himself all our hurts and vulnerability.

        btw – I like your booklist – have just got the Buddha and the Borderline on kindle
        thanks again
        best wishes

      • OH GREAT, I am so glad you bought that book. It’s hard to put down, very honest and poignant it is.

        Well yes, you have a great point. I see that I, along with many others before me, with me and after I am gone, have a job to do – of helping and healing.

        XO, thank you so much for your comment. Love and peace to you!

  1. These are so great – I know you’re anti-FB – is there any way I can post these to our haiku page & credit you? What would I do, link your site? Or is that against the copyright rules? These are SOOOOO GREAT! We have a bunch of animal rights folk/organic foodies who would especially love them. I’m not much of a haikuer, I just manage the page & keep things going, although I can do the 5-7-5, mine just aren’t particularly inspired. Let me know! Hugs!

    • That would be fine, yes, go ahead and link to my site. Thank you for asking! I appreciate that. Thank you so much for the compliments. Well, I am calling them UNhaiku, because the more I read about Haiku, the more I think they don’t follow the rules. LOL. I would love to read yours! ♥ But yes, please share, if you think someone else will enjoy them I am all for that. :-)

      • Yes, I co-run a haiku site (on Facebook, the Haiku Wednesday Fiasco, its called). We call it the Fiasco bc “we use the terms ‘haiku’ and ‘wednesday’ very loosely here”. We have a few published authors, one just published her 1st volume of poetry a few weeks ago :) (Marian Kent, on Amazon, crap, I forgot to order this morning! I thought I mentioned it, Bipolarmuse has joined, I thought you mentioned that you weren’t into FB, but if you do go back on PLEASE join us, it’s a fun page & community & a bunch of us have become real friends. My haikus tend to be odes to pharmaceuticals, lol.

        I will let you know what kind of “likes” and comments your haikus get. Thanks for allowing me to share, I love them, & no thievery goes on in the page, so no worries.

        Should I do that copyright thing on my blog too? Like you, I am a writer, my prose is in a blog of its own but if you would care to read & critique I’d be happy to share link & password :) For that reason, I am copyright-minded, not so much for my mental blog.

      • That’s a clever name! Yes, you are correct, I don’t do FB, but I am more than happy to have you share whatever you’d like. I thank you for asking and for linking to my site. Odes to pharmaceuticals, THAT is great! :-)

        Thank you, I appreciate that, it’s so kind of you to let me know and I am interested, yes!

        Well, it can’t hurt. It scans the pages automatically. Any protection is better than none at all.

        Confused. Do you have a different blog? If so, would love to see (would not want your password) what you have.

      • Am looking for contact info for you but not finding, if you want to send me your e-m addy I’ll send you the password – it isn’t my blog password, the posts are all password protected, that’s all. My best friend logs on & critiques for me, I only have 4 of the vignettes up now, out of about 20, & only 1 of them is 100% done, so open to critique on all pieces. Hugs!


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