Love, it’s the MANE Idea

Spread some love around today.

Ever give someone you don’t know a heartfelt compliment, a hug, a word of encouragement, a little help? You never know the difference you will make when you show a little love.

I remember a time when I was at a restaurant with Wesley, eating tacos. I saw a young woman, probably 25 or so, looking sad, but undeniably effervescent, hunched over her lunch plate. It seemed she would burst into tears at any moment. I got up and gave her a hug. She let me! Afterward, she asked, “Why did you hug me?” I replied, “It looked like you needed one.” She smiled such a gorgeous smile and said, “I hadn’t thought I did, but I guess I really did need one, thank you.” Well, after that she perked up a little and ate her lunch. I was so glad to see her feeling a bit better.

There’s a glow that comes from showing love like this. It allows you to feel more compassion for everyone, including yourself. You feel better, the other person feels better.

Don’t hesitate to spread some love! ♥

Horses, New York State


The velocity of your

INTENTIONS, ooo, ah, oh

baby – – –

VWOPM, swoooosh, outta nowhere – DUCK

bang, bang,

on my BRAIN,

they may, your intentions –

they just might

deserve some honorable


Your intentions.

But dogdeball (smile), dodgeball,


I must, must –

dip, duck, dive

dip, duck, dive.

On instinct,

me, I –

thrive, survive,

AHA – test drive!


dip, duck, dive.

run around, hide now, go on

YOU, hey you, it’s your turn,

dip, duck, dive

behind the


Questions, questions,

are they philosophical discussion?

Or, or, ha, are they

merely pathological percussion!?

Bang, bang, bang,

ask, I answer, but you

dodgeball, dodgeball,

dodge that ball.

I toss it your way.

And OH, I know you caught it,

but you hide your intentions,

your intentions,

my mind, oooooo,

doing sudden –



Questions, I ASK

dodgeball, dodgeball.

Go on, dodge the ball.

Your IQ, so high,

high, HIGH, high

I smile, lopsided grin,

dodgeball, dodgeball.

Your intentions,

perhaps, yes

deserve honorable mentions.

But I don’t know yet.

still, feeling, feeling out my

mental tensions.

Dodgeball. You play dodgeball.

A man, with fantastic aim.

A man, who relishes a game,

for fun?

Information, gather it,

intentions, you dodge




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