The velocity of your

INTENTIONS, ooo, ah, oh

baby – – –

VWOPM, swoooosh, outta nowhere – DUCK

bang, bang,

on my BRAIN,

they may, your intentions –

they just might

deserve some honorable


Your intentions.

But dogdeball (smile), dodgeball,


I must, must –

dip, duck, dive

dip, duck, dive.

On instinct,

me, I –

thrive, survive,

AHA – test drive!


dip, duck, dive.

run around, hide now, go on

YOU, hey you, it’s your turn,

dip, duck, dive

behind the


Questions, questions,

are they philosophical discussion?

Or, or, ha, are they

merely pathological percussion!?

Bang, bang, bang,

ask, I answer, but you

dodgeball, dodgeball,

dodge that ball.

I toss it your way.

And OH, I know you caught it,

but you hide your intentions,

your intentions,

my mind, oooooo,

doing sudden –



Questions, I ASK

dodgeball, dodgeball.

Go on, dodge the ball.

Your IQ, so high,

high, HIGH, high

I smile, lopsided grin,

dodgeball, dodgeball.

Your intentions,

perhaps, yes

deserve honorable mentions.

But I don’t know yet.

still, feeling, feeling out my

mental tensions.

Dodgeball. You play dodgeball.

A man, with fantastic aim.

A man, who relishes a game,

for fun?

Information, gather it,

intentions, you dodge



Blueberry Pie

Free flow –


never subsiding,

never dividing.

Free flow is pie,

cherry, apple or blueberry,

(go on, take your pick)

that has an infinite number of pieces.

Free flow is cake,

perfectly moist,

with never-ending icing, in just the right


Free flow is a pan of brownies, mmm,

disguising itself as one thing,

fresh from the oven,

but really

it’s an endless rive of chocolate.

Free flow is

the All-You-Can-Eat salad bar,

nourishing, helping, teaching, guiding,

every one of us.

Free flow is form,

free flow is formless.

Free flow tricks us, if we’re not careful,

we may believe that everything is

separate –

when in fact, it’s not.

Free flow forms the formless into form –

trick, trick.

Making us want to believe that

the blueberry pie

is quite different from the apple or the cherry.

But that’s not the case.

They’re all the same.

Pie, cake, brownies, salad –

all are ONE –

living forever –

free flow.

Free flow.

Lily of the Valley

A simple thing was Lily,

without preconceived

notions –


Content in her picturesque,

butterfly-filled valley,

she danced in gentle rains

and breathed in the heady scent

of dewy purple Irises.

Lily breathed out love and laughter,

for that is all that she was after.

Until one day when the men came.

They scratched themselves in odd places and announced


in rough-sounding language she did not understand,

“We are SOCIETY, we make up the rules!”

“What’s all this, we are here to inspect –

who are you, state your name fairy,

who is your employer, where is your dwelling

and your property deed?”

Society, getting no response from Lily, seized her harshly and had

a look around.

Seeing no one else and finding not a single building,

they put chains on her and declared her a slave.

Soon giant yellow machines came and tore up the earth,

running off the butterflies and murdering

the Irises.

Lily wept silent, anguished tears

as she

watched the destruction.

Factories, ugly and bloated, were built,

the sole innocent river, became filthy

with contaminated gunk.

Lily, poor Lily,

she’d been put to work –

sewing sleeves on t-shirts,

so that greedy, grubby,


could make


and hold it in their pudgy hands.

No more laughter. No more dancing.

The butterflies and flowers long gone –

replaced by


The Earth Team

I just came,


to believe.


I do believe in God,

but I don’t, can’t and won’t believe –

in a God that divides.

I believe in a God who,


A God who UNITES.

Like my clever anagram?

Yep, you know you do.

Well, WHY would God want us to be divided?

How can we work together that way?

If we are all one,

and I believe that we are,

how can we POSSIBLY fix our problems,

be there for each other,

if we are DIVIDED?

We can’t.

If it’s true,

that God divides into piles,

she is “good” but he is “bad”

then we aren’t united.

We are TIED –




with no way to move forward.

A loving God does not want us

to work AGAINST each other –

I believe.

I believe in a God

that UNITES.

Because we are

we ARE –

Team Earth.

Stuck in a Lizard Fantasy

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I am stuck in a lizard fantasy,

yes, a lizard fantasy –

scampering with lizards, I am

free –

free to dart and dash.

Having no direction –

my true persona is


Ahhh –

Rushing under bushes, I am

protected –

from day vulchers

and dream suckers.

I’ve elegant toes,

a lovely, swishing tail


intricately woven spots.

Dare to look and you will


I dazzle my observers,

but I don’t need


interact with them.

They can’t catch me –

examine my skin, judge my exterior,

look for flaws –

and wonder what’s wrong with my insides.

In my reptile skin,

reptilian brain

is acceptable matter –

scurry away, I may,

from scrutinizing eyes,

dream suckers,

day vulchers,

disorders of any kind –

my chameleon interior

vouched for, loved and respected.

I’m stuck in a lizard fantasy,

it seems –

for awhile crocodile.


My Purple Notebook

Intention is omnipresent,

a gift that is everywhere.

Intention makes a purple notebook,

exactly that,

a purple notebook.

Intention buys your groceries,

it cooks your food –

and sometimes burns it.

Intention is the force of life,

from a turtle to a tree top,

from tulips to your two lips

that intend to speak, laugh, smile and sing.

Intention is a light bulb turned on

by the intention of electricity.

Intention is a pillow,

your favorite,

that you intend to use

when you intend to go to sleep.

Intention is paper, it is words,

it is your words, on your paper,

intended by your pen, by your mind.

Intention is you, it is me, it is all of us.

Intention is the link,

it is the ink

of the universe.

Intention is everywhere,


yes, intending –

all the time.


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