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If you like calm and Zen, the positive, inspirational stuff, filled with gratitude and love, compassion and awareness, oh, and a wee bit of learning about BPD, stick with this blog:

Zen and the Art of Borderline Maintenance

If you want to see how a person develops a mental illness, you can follow that on another blog, solely dedicated to my personal journey with BPD and other illnesses:

How I Developed Borderline Personality Disorder

And if you really like reading intensely emotional pieces, a hodge-podge of drama and trauma, you can read that in an altogether different place:

Deviant Compositions

*Please note: if you are bothered by intense emotions, or the darker side of life, you may want to avoid my deviant compositions!

24 responses

  1. I have dealt with a boss for 7 years who was manic depressive, a sister and others. I have a Bfriend who has it from retired ARMY, and its a miracle people like you are out here to help those who suffer. Love, Jackie

    • Aw, Jackie, THANK YOU. What a beautiful compliment. That makes me feel so good. I appreciate you taking the time to comment like this.

      Dealing with a mental illness, whether your own or someone else’s is very hard work. Once I realized that I could make it, I just knew that my only calling was to help others. I have to do my part in filling the world with compassion.

      My boyfriend was in for over ten years. I have a fondness for military folks. They work so hard and struggle so much. Blessings to your boyfriend. Thank him for his service for me, please. XO

  2. I’m falling in love with all of your blogs, especially this one. ♥ <— See, I learned. heheh.

    By the way, on Wednesday I found out the therapist I'd been seeing for almost two years had diagnosed me with Borderline Personality Disorder co-morbid with Major Depressive Disorder, and I think it's the most accurate Dx I've gotten to this day. She never told me either; I just found out by chance. Anyway, love your writing. Your ideas are much of the like-minded ones I fall into, and I mean that in a very good way. :)

    • Yes, ha ha, you did. :-) Thank you so much, that’s so nice to hear that you like them so much!

      I wonder why your therapist never told you. I’ve heard of that happening before. I’m glad you know now.

      Thank you again for awesome compliments. I do think Borderlines tend to think very much alike, at least that’s what I keep finding. :-)

      • Not only did she not tell me, she hid it from me. lol. I just finished writing about the ordeal.

        It’s funny I love metaphysical philosophies like Zen but I also back off. I need to find balance in things I guess. And don’t we just tend to not do things or not get into things in moderation? I don’t know. For me it seems when I get into something, it’s always intensely or to the extreme.

        Kudos ♥

      • Read your post. Was stunned. Left a comment.

        Well, not sure what you know of Zen, probably more than me, but the way I understand it is very simple. Be here, now. Just be. Live in the present moment. Takes awhile to get the hang of it, through meditation, but once you’ve got the meditation part learned, being here now, living in the now, enjoying the present, even when it’s awful, is not only possible, but pleasant. It helps so much. It has gotten me grounded like never before.

        Yes, I used to be that way, all or nothing. Finally learning how to pace. Has taken me a couple of years. Two years ago I would have started a blog, written like mad for a week, then deleted it. Now I can maintain. I am sure you know it just takes time. SLOW process. Kind of like a slow-cooker as opposed to a microwave. :-)

    • It’s kind of nuts how much it’s still used as a catch all diagnosis, or how often it is deangosid when only two or three of its criteria are met. I think the self harm one is the most often abused as far as diagnosis is concerned. It’s really sad because it keeps people from getting the help they need.

      • Very true. I can see that. People so often don’t get the help they need.

        For me, however, it’s pretty on spot. I mean, it’s all so relative too but I guess if we were to say what I “meet,” I meet eight out of nine.

  3. You’ve got to comment like 2 more times so that you’re higher on the comments stats than my mother, who won’t be commenting anymore. :) But right now she’s at the top. Which drives me NUTS.

  4. Have you seen this book? The cover looks terrible!! Here’s the link and description. I’m gonna ask around.

    Based on former FBI Special Agent Joe Navarro’s experience as a criminal profiler and behavior specialist, “How to Spot a Borderline Personality”, provides the average person the tools necessary for identifying and assessing individuals who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. This is a must read for anyone who wants to “protect” themselves, their children, or their loved ones from such a personality.

    This short practical guide and checklist includes the 100 behaviors that are closely associated with this prevalent disorder. It is easy to use and intended for the average layperson: you truly don’t have to be a psychiatrist to use this.

    This short booklet will give you insight into this disorder by examining behaviors that may not be recognizable to you at first but have proven over time to be part of the Borderline Personality. Practical, fast, easy to read and simple to understand, this guide sheds light on a disorder that afflicts many with serious consequences for the rest of us.

      • I couldn’t believe it either, Mandi. Your rage is justifiable, as is mine. People like that do not understand what they are talking about, just my opinion. And gee, who the heck WOULDN’T fly into a rage anyway from being so insulted? But we’re bad, right, because we don’t like being put down. That must be it. We can’t handle being put down, so we’re very annoying and enraged people, and oh, that just proves their point (in their minds). BAH! :-) XO XO

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