Choose Help Wisely

Whether you are struggling with BPD, or struggling to understand a loved one who has Borderline Personality Disorder and you are seeking help, please be choosy about the help you pick.

Why? Because some sources (whether they be books, articles or therapists) seem to perpetuate the stigma of the illness, which only makes it worse.

Tell a child to stop making mistakes and they will continue to make them.

Bash, judge and criticize a Borderline and they will likely continue to react in the very same manner that you expect them to, simply because that’s your expectation. Oh, the irony! In a way, that contributes to our responses.

I understand why some people judge Borderlines, as at times it IS hard to comprehend why we act or think the way we do. In return, I ask those who wish to provide guidance to understand that the judgment we’ve received is what caused the illness in the first place!

In other words: Compassion cures, judgment does not.

Be fussy! Avoid help that stereotypes the illness of BPD or any illness for that matter.

I have found this website to be particularly helpful: GoodTherapy