Stuck in a Lizard Fantasy

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I am stuck in a lizard fantasy,

yes, a lizard fantasy –

scampering with lizards, I am

free –

free to dart and dash.

Having no direction –

my true persona is


Ahhh –

Rushing under bushes, I am

protected –

from day vulchers

and dream suckers.

I’ve elegant toes,

a lovely, swishing tail


intricately woven spots.

Dare to look and you will


I dazzle my observers,

but I don’t need


interact with them.

They can’t catch me –

examine my skin, judge my exterior,

look for flaws –

and wonder what’s wrong with my insides.

In my reptile skin,

reptilian brain

is acceptable matter –

scurry away, I may,

from scrutinizing eyes,

dream suckers,

day vulchers,

disorders of any kind –

my chameleon interior

vouched for, loved and respected.

I’m stuck in a lizard fantasy,

it seems –

for awhile crocodile.

Absolutely Nothing is a Mistake!

Absolutely NOTHING is a mistake if you learned from it. No matter what you’ve done that YOU think is terrible, no matter what you’ve done that OTHERS think is awful, you have NOT made a mistake if afterward you found a way to grow.

Yep, so you made a “mistake.” Did you sit your butt down, think about it for awhile and realize some things? Did you think of a way you could do it better next time? If yes, then you have not made a mistake, actually what you did was have a mis-take. A miss on the take. You took to doing something and you missed. So what? It’s okay!

Don’t beat yourself up for mis-takes. They are PRECISELY what you need in order to accept yourself, move forward and become successful.

Forgive So You Can Move Forward

Recognize that no matter who hurt you as a child (or as an adult), you have what it takes to overcome that pain. You really do, please believe it – have that faith.

More good news: not only can you overcome, you can also go on to forgive those who caused the suffering. It just takes some time.

If you’re like me, you may have carried around horrific rage and angst – for years – and then dished it out to others, here and there, thinking it was justified, or quite possibly not even realizing that you were doing it.

If you’re like me, later you may have realized you made many an “oops” and after some time passed felt terrible regret.

Well, hey, there is some more good news: you CAN also forgive yourself. Again, it just takes time.

It’s not the mistakes that you or others have made that are inherently bad, it’s the part about not forgiving that is the most harmful (or bad, if you want to label it that).

You have to forgive or you can’t enjoy now, never mind move forward. You have to forgive or you truly have nothing at all to give! And wasn’t giving what you wanted for yourself in the first place? Didn’t you want someone to give to you – to care?

You can give to yourself now, instead of continuing to take away from yourself – and how? By working on overcoming and forgiving!

Peace and love to all on this fine Sunday evening.


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