The Earth Team

I just came,


to believe.


I do believe in God,

but I don’t, can’t and won’t believe –

in a God that divides.

I believe in a God who,


A God who UNITES.

Like my clever anagram?

Yep, you know you do.

Well, WHY would God want us to be divided?

How can we work together that way?

If we are all one,

and I believe that we are,

how can we POSSIBLY fix our problems,

be there for each other,

if we are DIVIDED?

We can’t.

If it’s true,

that God divides into piles,

she is “good” but he is “bad”

then we aren’t united.

We are TIED –




with no way to move forward.

A loving God does not want us

to work AGAINST each other –

I believe.

I believe in a God

that UNITES.

Because we are

we ARE –

Team Earth.


My Purple Notebook

Intention is omnipresent,

a gift that is everywhere.

Intention makes a purple notebook,

exactly that,

a purple notebook.

Intention buys your groceries,

it cooks your food –

and sometimes burns it.

Intention is the force of life,

from a turtle to a tree top,

from tulips to your two lips

that intend to speak, laugh, smile and sing.

Intention is a light bulb turned on

by the intention of electricity.

Intention is a pillow,

your favorite,

that you intend to use

when you intend to go to sleep.

Intention is paper, it is words,

it is your words, on your paper,

intended by your pen, by your mind.

Intention is you, it is me, it is all of us.

Intention is the link,

it is the ink

of the universe.

Intention is everywhere,


yes, intending –

all the time.

What Gift Have You Been Given That Seems Like a Curse?

It’s funny how life has a way of throwing at you just what you need to learn a valuable lesson. Or, gulp…MANY lessons.

The Universe took things away from me that I’d been taking for granted – and it hurt. I felt cursed. But, in doing so, it humbled me and graced me with gratitude. It gave me perspective and provided me (finally) with much-needed direction. Direction that is consistent with my true nature.

Oh, the learns I’ve learned. Thank you, Universe!

What gift have you been given that only SEEMS like a curse?

Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.~ Aldous Huxley


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