Spinning Away The Pain

You know those times when you can’t decide.
Can’t decide. Can’t decide.
Hmmm, whether you want to cry –
NO! Sob!
SOB, a good snot-filled sob,
let out one HELL of a bloody SCREAM, or
perhaps BURST OUT in a fit of angry, nervous laughter?


You’re smiling now, aren’t you?
Or maybe nodding your head.
Ah, so you know exactly what I mean!


Well, when was the last time you spun the pain away?
Wait, have you ever tried it?


It’s easy: just stand up and spin.
Spin. Spin. Spin. Stand up and spin.
Throw out your arms – wide.
Go faster, faster, faster.


Spin until you fall,
in a dizzied pile on the floor –
or, until you start screeching with laughter –
whichever comes first. Just spin.


Spin the pain away.
Pain be spun.
Get on with it now,
The spinning is fun.
Just spin away the pain.


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